Nov 13, 2022 • 2M

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How to invest like a venture like a venture capitalist, even if you have limited resources.
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Good evening, my friends and welcome to The Ghetto VC. This is where we're going to be teaching you all about how to invest like a venture capitalist, even if you have limited resources.

Today, we're talking about wealth building, we're talking about ownership, we're talking about equity. This is what The Ghetto VC is all about. You might be [saying] to yourself, “I'm not ghetto...” Well, The Ghetto is a mindset. My friends, The Ghetto can either be positive or negative can be viewed as a place of isolation, of discrimination of segregation, lack of access to capital, or the alternative is it could be viewed as a place of beauty, where black unicorns thrive, where innovation is developed, where hip hop is birthed.

The Ghetto is a source of creativity. The Ghetto is a place where people make something out of nothing, and that's the mindset that you want to adopt. You don't want to adopt the mindset of a poor person. You do want to adopt the mindset of someone who can lift themselves out of their current socio economic status to achieve their wildest dreams.

People like Jay Z, who comes from a ghetto known as the Marcy Housing Projects. Now, he has a venture capital firm, called Marcy Venture Partners where he's investing in early stage startups.

Nasir Jones (Nas), comes from the Queensbridge Projects and has gone on to found his own venture capital firm called Queensbridge Venture Partners.

You see the theme?

Alright, so let's take the mindset of climbing on an up out of your current situation, and thriving and scaling toward a brighter tomorrow. This is The Ghetto VC. Let's get into it…

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