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Learn The Investing Secrets They Won't Tell You

The Ghetto VC teaches everyday people how to invest like a pro.

In the past, startup investing was reserved for wealthy elites. Today, it’s never been easier to invest in the same high growth startups that traditional venture capitalists believe could create exponential financial returns. I wrote The Ghetto VC (a #1 Amazon New Release) to help everyday people unlock the secrets often gatekept by the venture capital world. My goal is to educate a community of 10,000 new startup investors over the next decade, and I hope you’ll join our movement to build a more equitable startup ecosystem.

To unlock helpful guides, investment opportunities, and my ‘Intro to Startup Investing’ Masterclass, become a subscriber.

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Garry Johnson III
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The Ghetto VC
The Ghetto VC
Learn how to invest like a venture like a venture capitalist, even if you have limited resources.